our day starts

Our day at CPT starts with worship. Each team member takes it in turn to organise this . Worship may be in the form of silence, music, singing, a reading from a holy text, a poem or a reflection. It may be a combination of all or any of these and last for 10-20 minutes. Sometimes it generates discussion and at other times not. This morning our team member chose a writing by Richard Beck, a psychologist who writes a blog called Experimental Theology. Richard’s reflection was on a writing by CPTer Michael McRay in his book Letters from Apartheid Street : A Christian Peacemaker in Palestine. Michael was writing on I would like to share part of this that lead me to tears

………….. The occupation is killing Hebron, and its people are suffering.

Yet, they resist. Through life, they resist. By opening their shops in the Old City day after day, the resist. By refusing to close their shops duringsoldier_market settler tours, they resist. By continuing to shop in the market while soldiers patrol the streets, they resist. By denying the checkpoints or settler violence the power to hinder their children’s education, they resist. By building homes when Israel threatens demolition at any moment, they resist. By planting crops season after season though the settlers often steal the produce or burn the fields, they resist. By taking harassment and beatings from soldiers at a checkpoint one day and revisiting that same checkpoint the next, they resist. By returning to their roofs to work when just hours before settlers stoned them for doing so, they resist. In short, they resist through living life.

“They resist through living life.”

Michael goes onto write:

Perhaps then my task is simple to be, to be with the Palestinians in their suffering, standing and waiting in solidarity. Perhaps my task is to encourage the realization of reconciliation and beloved community by practicing it as best I can, attempting to live out its reality.

This is what it looks like to resist through living. To be with others in suffering. To be reconciled. ………

(More about Michael’s book: at http://experimantaltheology.blogspot.com/2013/06/letters-from-apartheid-street.html)

One thought on “our day starts

  1. Gill says:

    Powerful writing Carole, and the last couple of paragraphs capture the depth, vision, inspiration of the work you and all the cpt people are doing. God bless you all, you are a fantastic witness and blessing. Thank you. Sending you much love and big hugs.

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